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Online Backup UK & Cloud Services

Welcome to Hotspots’ Cloud Services Cloud Logon liberates UK businesses from expensive technological upgrades, installations and IT related capital expenditure by providing cost effective, reliable, scalable and secure cloud services. All services run from...


Hotspot IT Support

Hotspot IT Support, Services & Health checks for Start-up Companies IT systems which are correctly installed and well maintained can be the difference between success and failure. We make sure that your IT systems work...


data recovery and backup recovery

data recovery and backup recovery Hotspot Design’s service ensures business continuity for your organisation with comprehensive in-house data recovery services and strategy. This will ensure your organisation recovers from any disaster. Your managed ICT service...


Corporate level ICT services for the SME

By committing to a fixed fee charge , Unisoft Design is motivated and driven to provide you with reliable and concise ICT services. By re-assigning your ICT budget from covering unpredictable break-fix emergencies to...


frontline IT support for a fixed monthly fee

Can cost less than you think Hotspot will provide your organisation with helpdesk and onsite call-out repair services as part of the fixed monthly fee service. When you take up an all-inclusive service for a...


Small Business Technology

Small Business Technology for sale Are you a small business entrepreneur in need of some computer help? Wanting some technology advice? Not sure where to go for support and information? Love it or hate...


Delivering IT needs of business

To succeed, a modern business needs to make use of every available tool to operate productively and efficiently. Effective IT helps you deliver a better service to your customers and ensures a greater return on your investment.