12 best ways of protecting your smartphone

Discover our simple steps of how to ensure your phone is fully protected against viruses, damage and theft. All of the steps below will be affordable and we recommend taking the time to do each of these as without them, it is likely your phone could lose data. See: Data Recovery.

Around half of us don’t have a password

Almost everybody you know has a password set up on their phone, however research has shown that over 54% of us haven’t actually set up a passcode. Despite these shocking statistics, it is vital to have a password on your phone as if it is ever lost or stolen, the person who has it has unlimited access to your personal information and documents.

Smartphones on the market have an option for a password in settings; therefore there is no excuse to not have one and to protect your personal things!

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Downloading security software

Effectively, you are carrying around a tiny computer. Smartphones do a lot of the same stuff that a laptop would and although it is almost human instinct to take time to protect such devices we don’t think to take the same provisions on our phones.

Many smartphone platforms offer consumers software that encrypts files and folders to give them complete protection. It is also the case with things such as online banking which ensures that this information isn’t easily accessible. There are also options where sensitive data can be stored on secure online servers. See more.

What about a smashed screen?

Around 45% of smartphone owners will accidently damage their phone during the mobile’s lifetime. People don’t realise that this statistic can be reduced with a few simple steps.

Despite taking these precautions, they cannot guarantee that your phone won’t become smashed if you drop it. If you do find yourself in this situation, there are repair services where you can have a phone that looks brand new in less than a day.

Faults with our screen include cracked glass, lines and ink blotches. Square Repair is one of London’s best same day repair service, they also have while you wait and courier services. Use London’s best repair team for services available for the iPhone 6. Prices start from £15, call 020 3206 1627 to book today.

1.      Buy a case to allow protection to the exterior design

If you drop your phone, having a phone case will take away the amount of force that hits your device. It helps to preserve the back and sides of the phone meaning your phone will be damage free and still looking brand spanking new. Phone cases are available for the majority of phones including the latest releases such as iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Click here.