Corporate level ICT services for the SME

By committing to a fixed fee charge , Unisoft Design is motivated and driven to provide you with reliable and concise ICT services.

By re-assigning your ICT budget from covering unpredictable break-fix emergencies to fully managed ICT monitoring and support service, your organisation will gain better control over your ICT cost and productivity.

You will also be able to fall back on comprehensive set of spare hardware, hosting services and recovery skills in case of major interuption to your business facilities.

In order to provide a comprehensive ICT service, Unisoft Design works with a wide variety of 3rd party service specialists for recycling, component-level repairs and niche or legacy software environments.

Comprehensive IT and ICT hardware support and maintenance

light at the end of the tunnel
In summer 2000, Unisoft Design’s started out as the IT service provider for Data Services 24/7 Ltd, an internet service provider and data recovery agency.

During the set-back due to the dot-com bust in autumn 2003 , Unisoft Design bought out the support contracts & assets, including the DataServices247 data recovery service website.
Support contracts with the original clients are still in place and the data recovery services have been expanded . The data recovery service are now part of the business continuity fall-back services for clients with disaster recovery needs.

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