data recovery and backup recovery

data recovery and backup recovery

Hotspot Design’s service ensures business continuity for your organisation with comprehensive in-house data recovery services and strategy. This will ensure your organisation recovers from any disaster.

Your managed ICT service will include modernising your backup strategy to take advantage of commodity prices, hardenend encryption, bandwidth and speed. The managed ICT service also includes regular quality control and validation of your backups.

Duplicates of your hardware will be available to make sure your data or backups can be recovered. This is especially important for the RAID arrays in your servers.

password recovery

The password recovery service covers any operating system and application. The only limit is the practicality of the recovery time-frame, which is why this service runs on an inhouse cluster of servers, using distributed networking techniques.

The processing is also accelerated by using speciality parallel-execution chips for certain encrytion techniques.

This ensures your employees, or any other intrusion, can not hold you hostage for access to your data.

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