frontline IT support for a fixed monthly fee

Can cost less than you think

Hotspot will provide your organisation with helpdesk and onsite call-out repair services as part of the fixed monthly fee service.

When you take up an all-inclusive service for a fixed monthly fee,
your computers & telecoms hardware will receive pro-active maintenance, which enables you to:
– avoid break-fix emergencies
– avoid employee downtime
– avoid loss of productivity and customer service.

The monthly service fee covers any emergency call-outs and replacement laptops and computers:
this way, it’s up to your service provider to supply you with reliable hardware.

All supplied hardware is covered by a 5 year all-inclusive warranty which includes:
– onsite pick-up or repair
– all labour & parts
– onsite delivery & installation.

You will have an extensive network of hardware repair specialists at your fingertips;
for IT, telecoms and mobile end-user devices.

All-inclusive managed ICT service for a fixed monthly fee

light at the end of the tunnel

Your organisation will avoid lost productivity by re-assigning your ICT budget from covering unpredictable break-fix emergencies to:
– 24/7 ICT monitoring and reporting
– control your ICT budget
– pro-active maintenance
– backup quality control
– improving resiliency
– improving redundancy
– improving uptime

Your service will include any emergency call-outs and redundant equipment (servers, laptops, PCs, phones) to ensure business continuity, even in case of disaster recovery. Depending on your requirements, the redundant equipment can be onsite or on twin site(s) and permanently switched on to ensure failsafe operation.

Hotspot also offers asset management services and the full range of hosting services.
This will provide you with corporate level services for your organisation.

Unisoft Design’s service ensures business continuity through:
+ comprehensive data recovery services and password recovery services
+ spare telecoms equipment, mobiles, servers, laptops and PCs
+ mobile internet links
+ multi-site online storage and hosting services
+ ‘Cloud’/SaaS services

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